Danesfield House, as it stands today, is the third property to have been built within this glorious setting, amidst 65 acres of formal gardens with outstanding views over the River Thames and to the Chiltern Hills beyond.



:: The Site

4,000 years ago, the site was reputed to have been a resting place of nomadic tribes who paused to hunt nearby land and fish in the then untamed river.  If you stand on the crest of the bank between the present house and the river and look west there is a steep ravine directly in front of you which is the remnant of the ramparts of a prehistoric fortification.  Because of the ample game and the discovery of flint within the chalk-based cliffs, the site became a settlement throughout the ages and although not named "Danesfield" until many  years later, this name originated from the fact that Danish adventurers made an encampment here.

The next recollection of the estate is the transfer of land ownership in 1664 to an Edmund Medlycott. He and his wife Margaret built what is assumed to be the first property on the site, known at that time as "Medlycotts" and they lived there with their son James for over 60 years.  Little more is known about the family and their name seldom occurs in any local record.

:: The House

:: During the Second World War

:: The Gardens